BOQ – Budgeted v/s Actual Material Consumption

Android app

ORECS BOQ Module is designed and developed for accounting of Raw Material, Semi Finish Material, Finished Material, Non Consumable Material like Scaffolding/Shuttering Material and Labour in terms of Manhours. It has a feature where Finished Material is linked with Raw Material in such a way that it gives you complete summary of Total Requirements for each BOQ, for a specific Project, for a specific Workorder, or for a specific Customer.

It includes DPE – Daily Progress Entry which can be done from Mobile App directly from site by Site Head or Supervisor, and the same will be converted into system generated DPR – Daily Progress Report which gives you the day by day progress and the consumption of Raw Material, Semi Finished Material and Finished output.

BOQ Module helps the Project Manager to closely monitor whether the Budget of Material (ultimately cost) is being followed or it is surpassed. This helps to trigger an automated Alerts from system, where system will show the list of Items which are crossing the Budgeted Limit for a specific Project/Site/Workorder/Customer.

The design of BOQ Module is so simple, that it eliminates the daily requirements of sheets which is otherwise maintained (in hard or soft copy) on site to check the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly consumption of various items against planned consumption.

Builders, Civil Contractor, Road Contractors, Project Managers can utilize the power of BOQ Module and reduce the loss upto considerable level by putting a check on wastage of several types of Items and Materials on Site. This also helps in reducing Corruption and unaudited consumption of Material on site.