Machine Installation

Machine Installation
Chronological Order
  • Make sure each and every, no matter how small and critical or ordinary step it may be, gets executed in the right order of occurrence.
  • ORECS – Machine Installation Module can define the Installation process in Multiple Stages and multiple Activities below each Stage.
  • Both Stages and Activities can be categorised as Parallel or Parent-Child. Where you want a specific Step of Installation to be executed only after the previous Step is 100% Completed, you can define the Activities and Stage as Parent Child, whereas if you want all of them to be executed at same time, you can define them as Parallel type.
  • This helps you fix the Ideal Chronological Order of Installation as per the standard norms which cannot be by-passed or over ruled by any Non Technical Manpower also.
Highly Skilled Output from Low Skilled Engineers
  • Without giving extreme trainings to all the Engineers, you can make a Standard Style of Installation using ORECS Machine Installation Module.
  • Anyone with basic knowledge can also perform a highly technical and critical job in exactly the same order like any highly technical and experience Engineer using ORECS Machine Installation Module, as the Engineer does not have to remember or take care of the order of Installation, instead, it will be suggested by System.
Installation Timeline
  • ORECS Machine Installation Module also provides the feature to define the Ideal time to complete each and every Activity related to Machine Installation.
  • Therefore you can easily get an overview about how long each stage will last if number of Manhours is fixed. And if you want to reduce the time consumed to complete any specific Stage or Activity of Machine Installation, how many manhours you need more, so that you can divert your existing manpower to a specific Machine Installation or outsource extra Manpower.
  • You also get /the Minimum Time and Maximum Time required to complete a Specific Stage of Machine Installation.
Measure Productivity
  • Considering a standard ideal time to complete the Activity and Stage for any specific Machine Installation, you can compare individual performance of every Engineer in terms of Time calculated as Man-hours.
  • Give incentive to Performers and accrue penalty to under Performers. Give Technical Training to achieve Best Installation Time and reduce delay due to Technical Illiteracy.
  • The system will constantly compare the performance time of each Engineer which will give you highlights about how well your team is performing and where are the loop holes in Installation Activities.