• Sophisticated and Organized storage of every single paper, no matter what it is, can be practically done using ORECS Drive, shortly known as O-Drive.
  • When you want to make your office Paperless, it needs a huge cyber space which should be extremely organized for easy uploading of all documents and even more easier extraction of the same with just few clicks.
  • To store your documents on cloud, is not a big thing, but to retrieve the smallest document out of that big bulk of documents is a real challenge, which needs more than a dozen number of expert formulas, which are infused in this state of the art module of ORECS.
  • Safe, Secured and Accessible from any corner of the World, O-Drive gives you freedom of setting up as many offices as you desire at almost any geographical location that has the connectivity to internet. When you have a paperless office, all you need to have is just a username and password to access your office within O-Drive.
  • You will never run out of shelf space to store tons and tons of files, when you have the power of O-Drive.
  • Beauty comes into the picture when it allows you to search using any of the keywords related to that small piece of document which you have uploaded on O-Drive, and leave rest of the things on system, it will leave no stone unturned in finding that document, no matter how big is the heap of your files if it were a hard copy, and to your surprise, everything happens with just a click and couple of moments, giving you dramatically the powers like never before.