• “First impression last”!
    Make it practically possible with ORECS Quotation module, which sends an automated, impressive, informative and lucrative Quotation in no time to a prospective Customer, anywhere in the World. It’s time for you to impress your Customer with your Brand and your System!
  • Fast is Fertile!
    Be the First to crack the business inquiry by providing Fast Quotation to potentials customers with all available services and machinery which are ready to deploy, this creates a ‘Love at First’ situation for Customers and hence forces them to go ahead with you.
  • Increase the Sales by up to 30% with ORECS Quotation Module which helps the management to send an automated, still customized quotation with most competitive terms and conditions favourable to potential Customers.
  • ORECS Android App:
    Using ORECS Android App, a sales person visiting the potential Customers can create new Customer while sitting in Customers’ office and send a system generated quotation in mail within couple of minutes, before leaving the office after completing the meeting.
  • Quotation to Work Order:
    If the lead generated by Sales person is closed as per the quotation, then it can be converted into work order without any major data entry and thus saving time for fast execution. This not only reduces the man-hours but, also eliminates the possibilities of human error by reducing manual intervention in the flow of business process.
  • Cross Selling:
    Increase the Cross Selling of your services by showing all related product and service options available with you in addition to the actual requirements of Customer. This can blast a new requirement from same Customer which actually inquired for something else!