Maintenance history

Traditionally there is hardly any way to keep the track of Maintenance History of Machinery and Assets.


Whereas ORECS provides ‘Machine Timeline’ with every single event related to Machine stored on a Timeline with Date, Time, Location, Photos, details related to Services done, Parts consumed, Expenses occurred, Movements performed, Work-order to Logsheet to Invoices and much more with just a click !

Reducing Unnecessary Communication

Communication is the key ingredient of Business.


Traditionally communication if not done well, results in miss-communication


ORECS reduces manual communication, both internal as well as with Customers, ultimately reducing all possible miss-communications. ORECS provides important information to everyone in the form of system generated Push Mails Alerts and Reports. This drastically reduces the Employees’ Mobile Talk Time as well as manually drafted Emails and SMS

Renewal Reminder

“A Stitch in Time saves Nine”


Traditionally Top Management Employees have to remember lot of dates for validity and renewals.
Renewal if not done timely, results in drastic surprises creating a painful discomfort and most of the times Loss too.


ORECS Renewal keeps a very tight watch over everything that needs regular renewal and is subject to periodic validity.

Insurance Renewal, Driving Licence Renewal, Load Test Certificate Renewal, Permit Renewal, etc. once entered in ORECS, never runs out of Validity. The Kick is, no Employee has to carry the load of Calendar with Important Renewal dates. Instead, system gives multiple notifications in advance to get enough time and take necessary actions.

Service Scheduler

When it comes to traditional way of dealing with Machine Services, very few times it really happens that periodic services are done as per the OEM’s criteria. For rest of the time, due to lack of preventive/scheduled maintenance, its machine that suffers first and then the machine owner when it faces a breakdown.


ORECS Service Scheduler is a dynamic Scheduler which keeps monitoring the Kilometers, Engine Hour, Pumping Hours and compares it with the user defined criteria to trigger a Service Reminder.

Services are broadly categorised in two parts, one is Service Area which is the major head and second is Service Type which is the precise activity done under the specific Service Area.


Traditional Business without system turns to be a lonely warrior team without a Leader – when Business Owner leaves the City.


This is where Cloud Theory comes into picture. ORECS manages the Business from Cloud, no matter where the Owner is, his Team does not feel lonely, as he is managing his Business Online and has a powerful grip over his controls on the Business.

ORECS can be accessed from any corner of the World, from any device, all it needs is the Internet Connection and Login Credentials.

Accurate Logsheet Entry

Traditionally the Logsheet is a piece of untidy paper with lots of figures written in highly technical handwritings, which means, only few can read it absolutely correct without a single mistake. This is the beginning of billing cycle, which if contains any error, could end up in a synergic mistake with amplified loss.


In ORECS the Logsheet is entered online using Logsheet Entry Screen which again passes through a verification stage. Hence, the accuracy of Logsheet Entry is very high, which is the first step towards accurate Billing and reconciliation of Rental Income. This also makes the system lightning fast along with the Accuracy.

Track Location

When your Employee says he is reporting from site, you have to believe he is at site, since you don’t have the other way to verify it, when you are dealing in a Traditional way.


ORECS keeps a Date and Time wise report of Location from where the Data Entry is done using ORECS Mobile App, which is a very Powerful and Handy Tool to manage the Business without Desktops and Laptops.

ORECS Mobile App finds the location using GPS Technology from Mobile Device and stores the same on main Server with every piece of Data collected. This helps the Top Management to perform a post mortem of any case any time in future.

Daily Expenses Accounted Daily

Traditionally it is a practice to collect the Bills and Invoices of all Expenses for month and at the end of the month, the same has to be summarised and submitted to Accounts Dept., which means there is enough time and scope to get the actual facts fabricated and presented in a false way.


ORECS does not allow it. To enter the expense incurred, no matter what is the type, has to be registered in system within 72 hours with all related details like Bill Number, Amount, Location, etc.

This not only helps the Top Management to Plan the Funds, but also eliminates the monthly unexpected surprises in the form of expenses. Moreover it does not give enough time to fabricate the actual facts, hence minimizing the unreasonable expenses.

ORECS is developed with such a Strong and Systematic Architecture, which needs no Accountant, these expenses entered in system, itself becomes the values of ledger and results in the Balance Sheet of the Company, in Real time.

No Delete Button

Traditionally while using various Office Softwares, it is easily possible to Delete or Edit Old Data without the Approval from other user or top management. Only solution to avoid the deletion of data is regular backup which again is a big challenge for the management.


ORECS does not have the Delete Button anywhere, this means, Data once entering the System cannot escape, anyhow. However it can be updated but this will create a Log of those values which are edited with Date and Time Stamp.
Even if any user intentionally wants to erase important Data, it is simply not possible in ORECS.

Financial Discipline

Financial Discipline refers to defining the Standard procedure of Fund Block allocation and following the same for disbursement process under all and various circumstances.


The Owner’s presence becomes the key factor before any fund allocation or disbursement, as it requires the decision to be arrived considering various criteria like available Bank Balance, Priority, Urgent Cases, Legal consequences, etc. which is no less than a situation like fire-fighting without having a system.

Moreover, the lack of any system, also keeps the Accountant and other key Employees in a deep confused state. They cannot arrive at a decision which is defined as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This creates a delay to arrive at decision in the favour of Company ultimately resulting in loss, directly or indirectly.


Once the Partners/Directors/Management/Owners has arrived at a decision, and configured the Fund Blocks, which are like: Statutory, Salary, Bank Repayment, Vendors, R & D, Sales & Marketing, etc. ORECS automatically distributes the Fund, when received as per the percentages allocated to the respective Fund Block.

Now the Accountant or Finance Dept. can disburse the Fund by Printing System Generated Cheque only if that specific Fund has the required Fund available. There is no manual expert decision making process involved here, as ORECS does it all and that too as per the standards and expectations of Owners.

This is a onetime setup process for the Top Management, hence saves a lot on Time which otherwise has to be spent every time the situation arrives. For Example, if the Tax Payment has to be done on 5th of every month, the system will allocate the fund to Statutory Block from every Money Receipt registered in System. The result is that on 5th of every month, the owner will have the required amount available to make the payment of Tax and avoid any legal obligations.

Site Task Updates:

Being in touch with: Site, Manpower and Employees, is the key to success for any Operational Business.


This is the most critical part of any Business, where they lose the transparency between Employees and Customers when doing it traditionally.

The owners and top management has to take active participation with lot of important Time and Energy being wasted in micro-level activities and clerical tasks.


The Site Task Update Module of ORECS simply eliminates the involvement of Top Management in ground level activities without compromising on Transparency and loss of Information.

Every single Employee involved in the Task can enter the Site Task Update which will reach to all Employees, as well as all Concerned People from Customers’ End, sharing the same Information at same time to all.

This creates a detailed Timeline of every Task with Photographs of Site being attached using ORECS Mobile Application, making it the one stop encyclopaedia related to that Task. Moreover the Photograph when taken using ORECS Mobile App. will also attach the Location of the Mobile used while taking photo.

When Employee leaves the Company, the Information does not. In fact the Information available from system helps the next Employee who is going to look after that Task with all minute details explained with Date, Time & Location Stamp.

Mobile App:

ORECS Mobile App is the Mobile Friendly Version of ORECS, which gives the Users a Freedom of Working while on move, without compromising the flow of Information. Get Realtime seamless connectivity with your Business Processes using ORECS Mobile App. Everything remains on you fingertips at just a click away.


Well, as such there is no traditional alternative solution of ORECS Mobile App. but yes, most of the Businesses now a Days use the Free Instant Messenger Apps like Whatsapp and few others for fast communication, which does not provide the validation of Data and the Backup over Cloud when you are performing a Collaborative work with your Team. If surveyed carefully, major Apps are used to share the Photos of Machine, Site, Employee or any document.


‘Seeing is Believing’
ORECS Mobile App justifies this Phrase, in all aspects, whether it is a Machine, a Site, an Employee or an important document.

Everything can be scanned using the ORECS Mobile App and that stores every single Photo with Date, Time and Location Stamp on it, for anytime reference in future.

The Mobile App can store Photos of each Machine as per the Type (like Loading, Unloading, Erection, Dismantling, etc.) or Site Name wise, to make it easily searchable when needed.

Not only Photos, but an Employee can also use ORECS Mobile App as an alternative of Desktop Application in feeding his daily data like Daily Expense, Site Task Updates, Leave Request, Logsheet Entry, Machine Movement & Status, Meeting & Visit Reports and various other Reports and Approvals. The remote sites does not compulsorily need a bulky computer with power connection and internet connection to carry on day to day Business Operations, ORECS Mobile App works best in such scenarios with an ordinary 2G Mobile Network availability.

Reduce Dependency on Experts:

If your Chartered Accountant or the Operational Head goes missing next day, you will become almost handicapped with all the crucial information related to your Business being closely held with them.

Its next to impossible to replicate them with one to one alternative but, adds a loss in the form of expense in finding one. If at last you don’t find them, consider the information held with them as your Intellectual Loss which you might never recover.


This is the reason; ORECS does not contain any Delete Button in any corner of the Application. The information once entered in system stays there forever.

This reduces the dependency of Top Management on Experts and High Skilled Manpower, and make the vital information available in system with just a click, to everyone who needs it.

Moreover, the Standard Operating Procedure once set in ORECS, does not need any Expert or Highly Skilled Manpower to manage Business. Any unskilled User can also bring the same great output without compromising on Quality, as ORECS will guide the user in Business Operations and does not allow to make any mistake, intentional or unintentional.

Employee Management

Individual Goals of Employees directly influence the Organizational Goal, hence to monitor every single Employee becomes vital to take the Organization to the desired target.


Without system it becomes very difficult to measure the performance of Employees, their Achievements, assigned Tasks, Non Compliances, allocated Responsibilities, financial obligations like loans and deduction, appraisal criteria, etc.

The same task is done again and again by various Employees due to lack of knowledge and Employee Management system, hence leading to duplicacy of work. One task once done, should be informed to all concerned people who are working on same task, which is not possible in Traditional Mode of Business.


ORECS can monitor the Tasks assigned to every Employee in a very Organized and Easy way using To-Do, My Diary/Employee Daily Work and Site Task Update Modules. In addition to that ORECS also has a section to monitor the Non Compliance of Employees, which can be utilized to consolidate the portfolio of Employee during Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Review.

ORECS works on collaborative work theory, which means everyone associated with a task is made available with latest Information and Progress in that task to avoid duplicacy.

Made in India

Indian working environment decides the destiny of any ERP, being highly unorganized sector and very high dynamic requirements, it becomes very difficult for any Software to fit exactly into the Indian Organization.


Various softwares which are Traditionally used in market needs a code based training to operate.

Most of the well known softwares, are designed and developed with standard features, customization is either not easily possible or too costly to afford by any small and medium enterprise in India. Very few of the available softwares in market can be operated using Phone/Call Center.


This becomes the unbeatable kick for ORECS, which is 100% designed and developed in Indian Environment, to make it extremely user friendly and easy to manage, which means low skilled manpower and high skilled output.

No extensive training is required to work with ORECS. This brings down the cost of skilled and costly manpower without compromising the output.

ORECS is Proved in Indian Environment and is currently being used by hundreds of people ranging from Top Management which includes MD, Chairman, CEO, GM to the Site Manpower like Operators, Supervisor, Service Engineers, Branch Managers, etc. ORECS can be operated using any of the I/O Modes i.e. Desktop Version, Mobile Application or the most easy for site people – Phone/Call Center.

World Class Document Management

Managing Hard copies of important documents is the trickiest part of any Business. Admin and Office Staff spend above 50% time in organizing Papers, which is actually a clerical job and needs no talent. This way important man hours of Organization are wasted in worthless tasks.


Most common style of storing the important documents is in Mails and local drives of Computers which again has a risk of Data Corruption. When a document is stored in Mail, it is very difficult to find from a large bulk of mails and attachments. Apart from that, documents in attachment of mail can be accessed only by the email owner.


O-Drive is ‘State of the Art’ Document Management Module of ORECS, which makes the most organized storage of all types of attachment uploaded in system from various entry screens of different modules.

With Dynamic Search Facility, any document can be found easily by utilizing various tags which are automatically attached to the document during uploading by system.