Attendance in ORECS from Biometrics Machine

Attendance in ORECS from Biometrics Machine
Attendance in ORECS from Biometrics Machine Module:

Get the attendance of employees from the site with biometrics directly in orecs and generate the salary with just a click of the button. Get authentic attendance data from the site. Compact and robust biometric machine now be attached on the machine and by connecting the same to ORECS mobile app, the attendance can be registered with the photo and accurate location of the attendance punched.

Automation in Attendance :

Now get total control of the attendance from the site, office, branch, workshop, godown, etc. by getting the attendance automatically from the fingerprint punching machine on site. Not only that, also record the overtime, week off and much more automatically without anyone’s intervention.

Secured Salary System:

When dealing with attendance and salary you must have come through the phase where you were unsure about the amount to be paid to the employee vs time they were present at the office. Now with the ORECS Attendance module, be sure about the salary you pay is as per the punch the employee has done and no tampering is possible.

Multiple sources of collecting the attendance data:

Attendance can be marked into the system from multiple sources. This will enable you to get the accurate attendance data along with other important information such as location. ORECS is capable of collecting data from the following source.

- Attendance Machine
- Daily Attendance Entry
- Monthly Attendance Entry
- I Have Reached Entry
- Logsheet
- Permit Entry
This will enable the HR team to get more control over the manpower, attendance and disbursement.

Ability to Generate the Salary on the 1st of Everymonth:

When you have the strong system for attendance, you can get the salary with just a click of the button whenever and where you want. You will practically by connecting the site to the head office wirelessly. ORECS being completely online will enable you to get the desired report and all you need is a device and internet connection.