• In ORECS every module has a structured flow of information from one level to other where it requires an authorized approval without which it cannot propagate to next level.
  • Liability:
    Approval does not mere mean a mechanical process for employees, but it also becomes the basis for responsibility matrix which assigns the total liability of approval to the user.
  • Security:
    Once the data is approved, it cannot be revoked by the user himself, which gives uni-directional nature to the system and hence alteration and deletion of data is Impossible to avoid the deletion of evidences by intruders.
  • User Rights:
    ORECS Approval module arranges the Hierarchy of employees and hence it gives the powers to the right candidate irrespective of his profile or position in the organization.
  • Third Party:
    It is not at all necessary that the employee within the company can only have the rights of approval.
  • ORECS is dynamically controlled, and hence Third Party Approval System possible with bare minimum setup time and investment. All that is needed by Third Party Auditor is an Internet Connection, no matter in which part of the World he is located.