Site Updates

  • This is something like Timeline, which is shared as a common platform to enter their personal updates in a task assigned to them. Multiple users can enter multiple updates to single task, which is visible by everyone involved in that task, to know about the status of work done by all participants simultaneously.
  • This unique feature keeps a record of activity entered by multiple participants in chronological order so that in future, the exact flow of work can be tracked easily and accurately as per the order how it occurred.
  • This reduces calls and email communication for discussion related to specific task by 90%. Above all, it also shares all the information with everyone involved in task, hence provides transparency which is next to impossible when multiple participants are working on same task.
  • This also gives an ability to continue the task exactly from where the previous employee had left, in case of replacement of employees.
  • The detailed summary about updates in tasks is mailed on daily basis to the senior management, so that they can keep an eye over the progress of task without calling any employee or arranging meetings, where most of the time is spent otherwise.
  • The Best part is, with ORECS - Site Updates Module, we can involve not only employees for specific task, but Customers and Vendors also, which makes it a Virtual Conference in Real Time for sharing the Progress and Issues related to that Task. The transparency that Customer and vendors get, is next to impossible without Site Updates Module.