Todo-Reminder-SMS Scheduler

  • Whether it is Personal or Official work to be done in limited time frame, ORECS ToDo works well, as it has a dynamic property of assigning task to others as well as yourself, so that you do not miss a single task.
  • ORECS ToDo sends an SMS whenever you get a new ToDo from others, and notification when you have to do something. This keeps gives you the comfort of forgetting your task list from your mind and putting it ORECS ToDo, it will work for you forever, no matter what you do and where are you.
  • It is simply like your Personal Assistant which instructs you about what To Do and when To Do, making it ultimate tool to bring pure Peace of Mind state, no matter how long your list is, you are always tension free.
  • Participants of Group ToDo can also put their personal inputs on what they have worked out, and what can be the next action. The status of the To Do can also be updated by Participants on completion of Task. This eliminates the need of seniors to call everytime they want to know the status of the Task allotted to their colleagues or subordinates.