• Have you ever imagined reaching thousands of your Existing and Potential Customers with just a click?
  • Newsletter Module is a One Click Bulk mailing solution to spread the word about your expertise, updates, festive greetings, news, awards or anything special that you want to share will everyone associated with your Business.
  • Pushing your Brand into thousands of inbox using Newsletter Module will create a Strong and Distinguished Identity in the market.
  • Useful content delivery at regular interval to the existing Customer creates a bond with your Brand, which increases the customer loyalty index optimising the chances of repeat Business.
  • For potential Customers, Newsletter proves to be the first bond of relationship with your Brand, which when followed with regular updates related to your Business, and other interesting facts and figures will make sure they will try your product and service next time they need.
  • Get detailed reports regarding the response from the total number of recipients who have opened your mail and reacted to it, those who have shown more interest and also the feedback or callback request from those who want you to approach them with your Business Profile to fulfil their requirements.
  • This plays the most vital role in cracking new Business and generating strong leads to boost your Sales.
  • Newsletter becomes the bridge between the two banks of river where on one side there is a huge demand of your product and services, but Customers are unaware about you and your Brand due to lack of information and on the other bank of river, its your Brand and your Team searching for more Business and Customers who actually need you.
  • Newsletter Module also takes care of the privacy by dedicated algorithm of Unsubscribe, which works to avoid the sending of mail to the email address listed with the action of Unsubscribe Button. You can also recognize the users who are not interested to receive your updates, and hence save your time hitting other potential Customers.