Tender Module:

First of its kind of Module ever developed on Cloud, is the Tender Module of ORECS, which helps you define the list of websites which publishes tenders. ORECS Tender Module has a dedicated daily work screen exclusively designed for all the employees who are responsible for checking across the Internet for any new requirements or tender.

Collaborative Work:

There is a special arrangement in ORECS Tender Module which will avoid any duplicacy and allow the collaborative work with 100% transparency among all employees. Once an employee visit a specific website to check the availability of new tender offer, the same site will be removed from the Daily Work task of other Employee’s screen so that time is not wasted in checking already checked websites. Interesting thing is that all the employees, no matter how many, share the same Pending List to check website.


ORECS Tender Module allows to attach as many attachments required during the application of tender. Whenever there is a new tender opening, all the supporting forms and application documents can be downloaded from that site and attached the same in specific Tender ID, which will keep a strong track record of all the important documents related to that Tender ID.

Two Stage Qualification and Approval:

Once the Data Entry Operator has entered the new Tender Details in ORECS Tender Module, the same will go to his senior Employee for Qualification, who will study and anlayze the details about Tender like Estimated ECV, Nature of Work, Bidding Stage, Geographical Location, Joint Venture Requirments, and many more…

Once the Tender is fulfilling the criteria, it will be Qualified and the same will be then queued up for final Approval from Senior Employee. All the previous comments and remarks starting from the Data Entry Operator and his Senior Employee will be visible to the Top Management to take it into consideration before applying for that Tender.

Tender Timeline:

The biggest process in terms of numbers and complexity during application of any Tender. Multiple stage of Tenders in the chronological order is termed as Tender Timeline in ORECS Tender Module. This will keep a track of whole lifecycle of Tender with several checks which will alert on any Human Error. Step by Step preparation of everything required for eligibility to apply for Tender is done here.


Several parameters are cross verified before the Tender is ready for application. This helps in making the employees working for Tender, Tension Free in real sense. The system will check every single criteria required to apply for the Tender which otherwise has the Employee has to do manually which is extremely painstaking and energy consuming exercise.