My Diary/Employee Daily Work


Revolutionary Concept of eliminating the Paper from day to day Work of Employees gave the birth to My Diary/Employee Daily Work Module of ORECS. No matter what is the Nature of Business you are into, My Diary/Employee Daily Work becomes a Handy Tool for all the Employees in organizing their day to day work without the risk of losing the data once uploaded on ORECS server.

It is a very commonly found practice among Sincere and Punctual Managers to note down all Facts and Figures as well as Important Notes like Minutes of Meetings and Reminders in their Paper made Diary. ORECS My Diary/Employee Daily Work replaces that same Diary, and gives it a Digital form so that they can search the Data in seconds no matter how Old or Odd it is. This is because of the power of Triple search option in My Diary/Employee Daily Work which searches the Diary by 3 Parameters: 1. Subject, 2. Color Code and 3. Keyword Tag which is similar to HashTag (#) on Social Networks.

Apart from just Text Content, the Diary can also handle the Contents in the form of Photographs which enhances the user Experience where they also want to have a supporting document or photo of a site or machine along with the note.

Additionally the Mobile App Version of ORECS My Diary/Employee Daily Work helps the Employee to constantly remain in touch with Important Information while Travelling or during Operations on a geographically Remote Site without carrying the bulky paper diary.