• Keep a track of every single document entering and going out of your office with ORECS Document Inward Outward Module. It is similar to the Physical Register which most of the organizations use for registering the flow of documents inwards and outwards.
  • ORECS Document Inward Outward is designed after analyzing thousands of types of documents and everything related to those documents, so that user will feel the smooth experience without typing most of the things, which is made available from State of the Art Master Library of ORECS.
  • The system is designed in such a way that it will adapt various features according to the needs of user, with the passage of time.
  • The level of details collected by ORECS at the time of registering any Inward or Outward movement of Document, gives superior accuracy which helps to track the document wherever it moves within or outside office with a Unique System generated ID of every single document.
  • ORECS provides the freedom of defining the type and category of document so that it becomes easy to filter at the time of searching.
  • Attaching the photo/scan copy of all the documents that you find important can also be made possible from the Reception Desk itself using ORECS Document Inward Outward Module.
  • The Movement of Document is tracked not only upto the Reception of your Company but also can be extended to every single user’s desk who is a Registered User of ORECS withing your organization. All the user has to do is accept or reject the acknowledgement of document in system, which is being handed over by other User in the physical form. This way, it is possible to track which document is lying on which table in realtime.